Traffic Concerns, Safety, and Planning

Speed Humps

How do I request a speed hump?
How do I request removal of a speed hump?
May I ask for a speed hump to be reinstalled?
What do speed humps do?

Stop Signs

Can a stop sign controlled intersection be replaced with a traffic signal?
Can an all-way stop intersection be used to make school crossings safer?
My neighbors prefer smaller and more decorative stop signs like ones seen in parks and golf courses. Will Jefferson County consider replacing our neighborhood’s standard stop signs with these?
Speeding is a problem in my neighborhood. Can stop signs be used to slow traffic?

Traffic Signals / Flashers

Are traffic signals in Jefferson County coordinated to reduce or eliminate the need to stop at red lights?
Do any traffic signals not run in coordination with other traffic signals?
Do emergency vehicles get priority at signalized intersections in Jefferson County?
How do signals for pedestrians work?
How do traffic signals work?
How does a flashing yellow left-turn arrow work?
How does the county decide when a traffic signal should be installed? Will a traffic signal reduce accidents at an intersection?
Is it possible for two conflicting directions of traffic at a signalized intersection to receive green lights at the same time?
Once a driver turns onto a street where the traffic signals are coordinated, is it correct that the driver should not have to stop?
What do I do when I see a dark or flashing traffic signal?
What happens to Jefferson County traffic signals when they lose power?
What is the purpose of cameras at signalized intersections?
Who builds and maintains traffic signals in Jefferson County?
Who maintains flashing school zone beacons?
Who regulates traffic in Jefferson County?
Why do I have to wait so long to get a green light or a “Walk” signal?
Why is there a “Walk” symbol when no pedestrians are present?

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